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I love using Clare's resources because ... it's so obvious that they are made by somebody who actually uses them in the classroom.

Every penny spent on Clare's resources is money well spent. I have many books and folders of resources from which to choose but I invariably come back to Clare's stuff as it's high quality, error free and doesn't usually need 'tweaking' to make it work for me.

An excellent resource! Very engaging and the first time my year 5s had REALLY looked at strategies for understanding longer texts. Worth every penny!

This is such a well thought through and carefully crafted resource. I love it!

worth spending the money when you know it's resources created by someone who actually uses them in the classroom
About this resource


Comments from Linguascope webinar, July 2021:

As always - clear, focused and super-useful - thank you Clare!

So helpful and useful, as always.

Thank you so much, Clare - don't how how I'd managed without your website, resources, blog... :)

So grateful for all you do for primary languages, Clare

Thank you, that was so informative and so well presented


huge thank you for being so generous with your time and fabulous ideas at [our] Hub meeting. I've had lots of really positive feedback from the session.


Comments from online conference Pillars of Progression, October 2020:

Clare, your vocabulary session was fabulous - thank you! Beautifully focussed and loads of ideas which can be used straight away.

So many practical ideas about teaching vocabulary from [Clare] - not that we would expect any less!


Comments from Light Bulb Languages users:

I love love love your resources and the fact that you share them so freely.... You've saved my life many times.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and contributions to MFL resources. They are such a help, fun to use and the kids enjoy your activities. Your blog has helped to inform and give me ideas too.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your lovely resources which really help to inspire me for any French lessons that I do even if my learners are quite young! Merci beaucoup pour votre travail, c'est vraiment apprécié!

I want to say thank you for everything you do! I love seeing your resources and you are an extremely talented author!

A massive thank you for a great site which I've just come across!

Thanks so much for all the work you have kindly shared on Light Bulb Languages. It made it possible for me to start teaching French properly, not just give out lists of nouns to learn which was what I did when I taught my first French lesson!


Clare is like the 'Delia' of the MFL world...her recipes/activities always work.
Primary Languages teacher from SE England

Clare Seccombe is a practising teacher, she is very generous with her time and offers support if you need it. She also makes the loveliest resources!
Primary Languages teacher from NW England

Having met Clare on training she is inspirational and very generous with her resources/advice!
Primary Languages teacher from NW England


As a classroom teacher, I would like to use this opportunity to thank Clare for the brilliant work she does to promote language teaching. Your blog and resources have helped me out many a time and I always enjoy seeing pupils enjoy the fruits of your labours.


Comments from Royal Greenwich TSA conference, July 2015:

The use of mini books within the classroom was invaluable. I have come away with lots of amazing and easy to use ideas and look forward to sharing these with colleagues

Mini books - it was great to see so many good ideas in this workshop

Mini books - a wonderful, creative work shop


Comments from etwinning conference, June 2015

Really inspiring tutor, very imaginative

Really great, came home with so many ideas from this session.

Lots of great practical ideas that I can use


Your blog always inspires me with ideas for our foreign lang teachers! Thank you for sharing!

@valleseco is so creative and produces such wonderful resources that she's now got her own folder in my mail account


Twitter Comments from ICT Links into Languages Conference 2014:

thank you for your uplifting keynote

Fantastic keynote.

Amazing way to end #ililc4 with @valleseco and her keynote

genius ideas for mini books from @valleseco I think I've just had an epiphany for my lesson on Mon.


Comments from ALL Language World 2013:

I was in your session yesterday about mini-books - very inspirational - many thanks!

Love your mini-book presentation from #LW2013

fabulous presentation, Clare. :) so many great ideas through minibooks. Can't wait to try them out in school.

Enjoying the Minibooks preso with the amazing @valleseco and her very inspirational ideas

Twitter comments from ICT Links into Languages Conference 2013:

Thank you to @valleseco for a most inspiring session

Great Tarsia session - thanks

@valleseco is a total genius with Tarsia. Learning how to change text. Love it

Definitely going to embed more mathsy stuff in my lessons from now on. Love it @valleseco!

excellent session Clare. Thanks. Really useful

Excellent session on MFL & numeracy from @valleseco. Buzzing!


Your blog is a gold mine! Thank you for sharing!

great activity super simple and effective - kids loved doing them - thanks for the idea!

just wanted to say how fantastic your blog is, have been using loads of your ideas recently - such great work! Thank you :)

I would like to thank you for a very interesting and inspiring blog! Your posts have given me a lot of new ideas, especially when it comes to using ICT in language learning.


Twitter comments from ICT Links into Languages Conference 2012:

Thank you so much for this Clare - it's great and I wasn't even there - I can see the uses straight away - fab as usual. XXX

Just looked through your #ililc2 preso on Slideshare and it is also fab. Lots of lovely ideas.

My yr 7s and I had a fab time today thanks to @valleseco and le navet énorme. We now have la carotte énorme et la patate énorme too

It was amazing and I wish I caught your first session too. Things I could really use in the classroom immediately! Thank you!

I have to teach two year 4 today in Spanish about healthy food so I will use some of your strategies from your inspirational pres

Thanks again for a brilliant inspirational recycle reuse session today!!!!!

@valleseco doing fantastic stuff with chanting to get low ability classes to produce long utterances in MFL

Brilliant session. So much from primary can be re-used /recycled for sec with added extras.

Once again, thanks for your help. Wish my LA had resources and people like yourself. Your help is really appreciated.
Primary teacher, Yorkshire

Twitter comments from ICT Links into Languages Conference 2011:
your presentation was great this afternoon full of original ideas

Lots of ideas and singing with @valleseco

my pupils are going love your activities!

I wish the primary tchrs in our feeders were as good as @valleseco

Watching @valleseco talk enthusiastically about using flags to teach langs

very primary friendly activities how will I fit them all in? Want to do them all first lesson!

Really loved session by @valleseco on sharing.

@valleseco talking about sharing - on behalf of all MFL teachers, Clare, thank you for your hard work, generosity and creativity!

wanted to say how inspiring your presentation was! You have so many wonderful ideas.

thank you again for a super workshop
Lecturer in Primary Education, Leeds

I was so enthused by your course that I have asked to do some INSET with my staff as I know a lot of them are worried about the teaching of French. I used some of your 'introducing new vocabulary' ideas in my lesson on Friday, so that my first year students could also benefit from your ideas - full credit was given to you for the ideas and the kids loved the BINGO - much more fun littering the class with torn paper than my boring version!!!!
Hope our staff are as motivated by my INSET as I was by yours.
Primary teacher, Sunderland

Thank you for your hard work and commitment, which has been evident since my arrival in Sunderland.
Primary Headteacher, Sunderland

thankyou for your link to you blog, very interesting to read
Primary teacher, England

I just wanted to let you know that I've picked up a few really good ideas from you blog for a talk I'm doing on intercultural awareness with some students on Monday.......Thanks for sharing your work
Member of National CPD team, Scotland

You are a complete Superhero and my husband, a primary teacher too, says so in a complete unison with me. I am very touched by your care.
Primary teacher, England

.....whilst I have only worked in Sunderland for two years I have been mightily impressed by the level of commitment to MFL, the level of support, help and resources available, not to mention your tireless input (infact you ARE MFL in Sunderland!!!) and you have helped me to find my feet with French teaching on any number of occasions.
Primary Deputy Headteacher, Sunderland

it is clear for all of us to see how hard you work and what you offer us as a community of language teachers too.
Primary Languages consultant, England

I'm a big 'fan' of yours from afar...... I think the work you have done is great.
Primary Languages teacher, England

Thanks again for the course last Thursday, as usual it was excellent and I found some of the ideas very useful.
Primary MFL co-ordinator, Sunderland

I have to be your biggest fan! Thank you so much for all your fabulous resources
Primary languages teacher, England

I read with great interest and admiration your website entitled International Education Sunderland. Wow.. what a super job you have done here, thank you for all the effort you have put into this for the benefit of so many teachers, pupils and communities.
International Education consultant, England

I cannot sing your praises highly enough.
Primary teacher, England

I enjoyed getting a fresh boost of ideas from you the other day and have been using some of them already!
Primary MFL teacher, Sunderland

Thanks for the great INSET you did at our school it certainly gave us a lot to think about and hopefully inspired some new work on international understanding!
Primary teacher, Sunderland

Thanks again for your sterling work, for me it has been inspirational and will give my teaching the shot in the arm it currently needs!
Secondary MFL teacher, Scotland

Just wanted to thank you again for Monday night- was really useful for the staff and theres been some positive feedback from the session- its really motivated some of the teachers which is great!
Primary MFL Co-ordinator

Thanks again for the INSET you did the other night - it was fab!!
Primary MFL co-ordinator, Sunderland

So many good ideas, didn’t have time to write them all down. Would be good to deliver to staff back at school.
Primary teacher, Sunderland

Clare Seccombe’s intro and workshop was excellent and informative. There was a lot of information that I felt I could take back to the classroom. Thanks.
Primary teacher, Sunderland


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