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French Challenge Cards sample
French Challenge Cards answers
French Challenge Cards overview

Spanish Challenge Cards sample
Spanish Challenge Cards answers
Spanish Challenge Cards overview

Spanish pocket cards samples:
set 1  set 2  set 3  set 4  set 5  set 6  set 7
Spanish pocket cards: En clase

French pocket cards samples:
set 1  set 2  set 3  set 4  set 5  set 6  set 7
French pocket cards: Dans la classe

French Minipuzzles sample
Spanish Minipuzzles sample

Spanish Grammar Challenge Card sample
Spanish Grammar Challenge Cards overview

French Grammar Challenge Card sample
French Grammar Challenge Cards overview

Box of French: Je suis préhistorique - overview
Box of Spanish: ¡Soy prehistórico! - overview

Box of French: J'aime les sports- overview
Box of Spanish: Me gustan los deportes - overview

French minibooks for primary learners sample
Spanish minibooks for primary learners sample

Roscón de Reyes Christmas card
(PDF 3.5 MB)

Brioche des Rois Christmas card
(PDF 813 KB)

added 06.01.14
This blogpost will tell you more about it.

Christmas cakes from around the world - dominoes
(PDF 2.3 MB)

added 06.01.14

Dice pictures for dice speaking or writing grids
(zipped folder 6 KB)

added 16.02.13

Ideas for using Tarsia
(PDF 88 KB)

added 05.02.13

Subject pronoun pictures
(zipped folder 689 KB)
added 29.01.13

Lift-the-flap people
Template for the people in this blog post
(PDF 112 KB)

added 23.10.12

A German Christmas card to make
(PDF 1.37 MB)
added 27.11.11

Une carte de Noël
A French Christmas card to make
(PDF 1.34 MB)
added 26.11.11

Una tarjeta de Navidad
A Spanish Christmas card to make
(PDF 1.35 MB)
added 25.11.11

The Spanish "th" sound
a song to practise and reinforce the sound
MP3 (MP3 1.5 MB)
lyrics (PDF 255 KB)
score (PDF 326 KB)
added 18.11.11

¡ji ji ji ji ji ja ja ja ja!
A nonsense song to practise the "j" and "g" sounds in Spanish
MP3 (MP3 1.7 MB)
lyrics (PDF 44 KB)
translation (PDF 50 KB)
score (PDF 17 KB)
added 14.11.11

A quick guide to Tarsia for MFL
(PDF 612 KB)

added 13.11.11
updated 3.6.13

(PDF 674 KB)
added 29.10.11
Find out more here

Mini-book: Los ojos y el pelo
(PDF 288 KB)

(for students to read and illustrate)
added 8.9.11

Mini-book: Les yeux et les cheveux
(PDF 319 KB)

(for students to read and illustrate)
added 4.9.11

6 family member images
Zipped folder of .png files 184 KB

added 31.08.11


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